This Story Ends...

There are no never ending stories in our temporal lives. Each and every one ends some time or another. But whenever a story ends, there is a new story beginning. Like a road which ends in a fork. The path keeps going, but it isn't the same. This way or that, new paths, new stages.

And my dusty, muddy feet have stumbled upon one of those forks. I have reached the end of a story. An ending I never thought would be there.

I expected this blog to grow up with me, but it isn't. It can't contain the things that are coming up next. So this it, I am sorry to say, the end.

It's been a good year and a half, I've had an excellent 724 entries, but no matter how hard I try, I can't keep writing here.

I'm embarking on a new life journey, and I need to shift focus to my writing. I want to experiment, experience, elaborate... and create a slight enigma.

So I'm closing up shop. Sealing the envelope.

But I'm going to keep writing. That cannot ever quit. I'm just going to write somewhere else now. Somewhere new and free.

Because of some circumstances, I can't post my new address here. It's not on diaryland, it's independent. I will be rather free with the new address though. Scribble me an email... princessinboots at gmail dot com. I'll give you an address.

I hope to see you there...

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