On The Other Side

I made it. All the way through my first official semester at a college. With straight A's thankyouverymuch. And I'm still in one piece. I didn't die, implode, explode, or fall apart. I think that is quite an accomplishment, for being the sort of girl I am. I had quite a journey. I learned a lot, outside of what was taught in classrooms and my particular areas of study. But it was so tiring for me. Perhaps in the fall I'll do better. But until then, I just want to rest.

And now, that leisure is granted me. I'll use that time to get lost in forests of words...

At least, that's what I'll say I'm doing. But after three papers and two and a quarter exams in one week and a hint of a cold, I can't guarantee how much of what I do won't be spacing or sleeping...

(yes. we've become quite a photo blog lately. Sorry. I'm just all written out. Too many papers.)

before & & after