Silly putty is so amazingly theraputic. Pulling and stretching on it like taffy relieves so much stress.

I need that relief so bad. It's taking so much of my strength just to keep myself pulled together so I can write papers well and take exams with ease. The suspense, waiting for class and paper grades to come in, makes things so much worse. Trying to restrain that...

It's all so much. It's all too much. On Monday afternoon, after all the papers are turned in, all the exams are finshed, all the grades are recieved, all the books are turned in, I'm just going to collapse. I'm giving up. I'm not trying any more. No more strength. No more making it. I'm just going to let myself go.

Sleep, cry, laugh, scream, fall apart, break down...I don't know, and I don't much care what the reactions will be. But its over. I'm done now. Maybe I've learned some good lessons that can help me avoid letting this happen next semester and the semester after that, and the semester after that...and forever after...

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